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Adult Foster Care

Adult Foster Care (AFC) is a program for people with medical conditions, who are unable to live safely alone in the community and would like to receive the support they need in a home environment.


Adult Foster Care offers an alternative to residential care for recipients, or members who require supervision or physical help with bathing, hygiene, walking, transferring, eating, or dressing. Adult Foster Care allows a family member or friend to provide 24-hour care for qualified members in their own homes. Caregivers receive a tax-free payment for their services, to help with the burden of care.

Adult Foster Care services could be the solution for adults unable to live on their own who would like to retain the dignity and freedom of living at home. Living at home also allows members to stick to their routines and participate in their community. Personalized care is especially beneficial for those with evolving health conditions such as diabetes or Alzheimer’s disease. Adult Foster Care costs less than nursing homes or assisted living facilities, and is often also less expensive than in-home personal care services.